Zanele Muholi was on my last list of inspirational artists, but she deserves to be "featured" more than once. For my last list, I chose Zanele because she is a female photographer I admired, but when I realized she is also a lesbian, I knew I wanted to include her on this list as well. Zanele's work is truly captivating. I'm not sure that I have seen other photographers capture the romantic and sexual relationship between two woman in a way as raw and real as she has. Her nude portraits are so much more than nude portraits, her photos of two women together evoke so many emotions for me that I have a feeling they effect many others as well. Along with her portraits of lesbian couples, her self portraits are captivating to the mind and spirit. Her self portraits make me want to take more photos of myself and I guess that's the most anyone could want - to inspire others to photograph more.