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T H A N K Y O U!

R O B I N  E L I S E  M A A Y A



Q: Will I receive any color images from our shoot?

A: Yes! Absolutely. I only have black and white images displayed for the purpose of aesthetic flow on my website (and I am biased to images that lack color!)

Q: What are your rates?

A: I work on a sliding scale and am willing to work with budgets of varying degrees. Please reach out through the contact form above to get in touch and I will send you a personalized pricing package.

Q: I am SO awkward in front of the camera - HELP!

A: I get this all the time from nearly every client! I can tell you whole-heartedly that at the end of our shoot you'll be posing like a pro and you will be more comfortable in front of a camera than you think. I am a 4'11 shorty who is the opposite of intimidating and I pride myself in making every one of my subjects comfortable during their sessions.

Q: Do you photograph weddings?

A: I generally steer clear of photographing weddings, but if the circumstances are right, I am always willing to change that response! Feel free to reach out to see if the shoe fits!

Q: What are your cancellation / rescheduling policies?

A: If you reschedule your shoot within 48 hours, your deposit can be transferred to your next session if it is scheduled within two weeks of your original date. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations.

Q: Can we request the RAW files from our shoot?

A: I do not give RAW files under any circumstance. 

Q: Do you provide video services?

A: Since I am a one woman business, I am unable to provide both photography and videography at once, but if video services are needed, I can offer recommendations to studios who can provide this.

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