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Stephanie Sinclair is an American photojournalist who focus on gender and human rights within all of her work. She often photographs with the intention to show things in society that are corrupt like child marriage. Her work has been featured in The New York Times as well as Time Magazine and National Geographic. Sinclair was born in Miami, Florida in 1973 and graduated from the University of Florida with a Batchelor of Science in journalism with an added concentration in fine art photography. I love Stephanie Sinclair and her work, for one, because it is close to home. I was born right outside of Miami in Fort Lauderdale and University of Florida is one of the schools I applied to. It is really cool to see someone so successful that came from a place of familiarity for me. Another reason is because her work is incredibly powerful and invokes such a specific feeling of anger mixed with sadness for the people in these photographs. I think when you create those feelings for the viewers, that is when you are able to make a true difference.

All work courteous of Stephanie Sinclair.

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