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Isle Bing (March 23rd, 1899 - March 10th, 1998) was a German photographer known for her “less than normal” photographs. In the war-era, she was known for producing and introducing monochrome images. When she got older she moved from Frankfurt to Paris to get more involved in the avant-garde and surrealist scene amongst the artists. She ventured in the world of photojournalism, architectural photography, and even portraits that were later featured in Vogue. Later in life, she earned the title, “Queen of the Leica” because she was the only photographer seen as advanced enough for that camera in Paris. I love Isle Bing, in particular, because she beat the boys. Not only did she make her name known amongst all of the male photographers in Paris, but she out-shined them. Her work is a gift to women, photographers, and especially female photographers everywhere.

All work courteous of Isle Bing.

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