Emma Hopson is another photographer I have had the privilege of knowing through SCAD. She is currently pursuing her MFA in photography while I am getting my BFA. I have been lucky enough to get to know Emma and even photograph her boys for my project on young brothers in Savannah. Emma's series on her family is absolutely captivating and I have a special place in my heart for her self portraits. Most of her work that I am familiar with is shot on large format film and I really respect that as well. The amount of work Emma puts into her work all while raising two incredible boys is truly remarkable. Her work has become a huge inspiration to me and I look at her work often when I feel "stuck" in the process of creating new work. Aside from her work of her family, her series on the Savannah LGBTQ family is stunning. Her photos of the people in this community make me feel so many warm feelings and remind me of how lucky I am to know Emma.