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Ellen von Unwerth is a German photographer that specializes in erotic images showcasing the world of femininity. Before becoming a photographer, she was a fashion model and has now taken what she learned from both and has made a living photographing editorial work, fashion photography, and advertising photography. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she talked about her feminist approach within her work by saying. “The women in my pictures are always strong, even if they are also sexy. My women always look self-assured. I try to make them look as beautiful as they can because every woman wants to  feel beautiful, sexy and powerful. That’s what I try to do.” 



Ellen’s work has been published in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and my favorite magazine, I-D. I love her work and think it inspires me because it is so feminist driven and shows so clearly the idea of showing off the beauty of a women while maintaining the idea of showing the strength within each woman. I am all about feminism and photography, so the mixture of the two always makes for content that I am here for. Her work is truly full of passion and femininity and I admire her ability to show these women so beautifully. 

All work courteous of Ellen Von Unwerth.

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