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Dicky Chapelle (March 14th, 1919 - November 4th, 1965) was born Georgette Louise Meyer and was an American photojournalist known for her work she produced while holding a position as a war correspondent from World War II to the Vietnam War. By the age of 16, Chapelle was attending a aeronautical design class at MIT. While there, her mother found out about an affair she was having with one of the pilots and she then forced her to live with her grandparents in Coral Gables, Florida. While she was there, she wrote press releases for an air show which later led to her getting an assignment in Havana, Cuba. Despite not having much training in the world of photography, during World War II, she managed to become a war correspondent photojournalist for National Geographic. 


All work courteous of Dickey Chapelle.

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