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Tobia Makover is also a recent inspiration within my work. I saw her work along with Lori Vrba's, Sal Taylor Kyd's, and Dawn Surratt's at their pop-up show in Savannah, "Kindred". Tobia Makover is actually the reason I was able to view the work when I did and we have a few different people that connect the two of us. She graduated from SCAD alongside Christine Hall and then had Jaclyn as a professor like me and Christine did. Jaclyn sent me a link to their show as she knew I would be interested in it, but unfortunately, I was out of town and unable to attend the opening night. Well, I messaged Tobia hoping to view the show and we were able to make it happen. Tobia's work has been an inspiration to me before I even knew it. Her work is a part of SCAD's permanent collection and currently resides outside of the private darkrooms at the photo building. I have walked by and admired her work almost every day of my time at Alexander Hall. The work hanging on those walls always caught my eye and I developed a love for them. When Jaclyn sent me the link to the Kindred show, I thought one of the names sounded familiar, and to my surprise, I soon realized why. Now, looking at Tobia's work and recognizing the familiar photos, I continue to be inspired by her ability to photograph herself, objects, and places with a delicacy like no other. 

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