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Tina Modotti (August 16th,1896 - January 5th, 1942) was not only a photographer, but also a model, actress and political activist from Italian descent. In 1913, she left Italy to come to the USA and pursue a career as a photographer and model. She spent a lot of her life acting in Los Angeles in films and plays and later pursued a passion in the arts and photography. It is rumored that she was introduced to photography in Italy by her uncle, but some believe her father introduced her to photographer later in life in San Francisco. Modotti died at the age of 45 due to heart failure in a taxi in Mexico City. It was later rumored that she was actually murdered for knowing “too much about Vidali’s activities in Spain”. Modotti’s work is an inspiration to me because it is so diverse. She shows the ability to capture the human form in an elegant way and also in an way that gives the human form power- even if it is just an image of hands.


All work courteous of Tina Modotti.

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