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M I S S I O N  O F  M E R C Y

M I S S I O N   O F   M E R C Y

     In December 2021, I was approached by SCAD Serve, the universities initiative that works with the community, to collaborate with Union Mission of Savannah. I set out to document their most prominent clients across various campuses that work to assist the homeless community of the city of Savannah. The people I met so willingly shared their stories and opened their hearts to build an authentic connection with me and my camera in order to produce these images in a collective, collaborative effort. I am beyond pleased with the result of our cooperative vision that came to life through each portrait of these resilient Savannahiahs.


     After the photographs were taken is when more magic began to unfold…


     Union Missions newest installment to assist in homelessness is the opening of “Parker’s House”. This space will set out to house and support women while also providing critical mental health care to anyone that Union Mission takes under their wings. Hung within the walls of Parker’s House are these photographs that are a visual testament to what Union Mission is doing for the community and to the people who have so bravely come through the doors seeking the help that they need and deserve. On Wednesday, August 31st, Parker’s House had its grand opening in the heart of  Savannah. I invite you to witness the magic we have made together and support the brilliant efforts that Union Mission has made to get men, women, and children out of vulnerable situations and on a path towards a brighter future full of hope.

     There are stories that we see and hear all around us every day, that we don’t always really listen to. My hope is that these photographs force you to listen and to look at the people in these photographs with compassion and empathy.

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