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Toni Frissell (March 10th, 1907 - April 17th, 1988) was born Antoinette Frissell Bacon and was an American photographer known for her fashion photography, World War II photographs, and portraits of famous Americans, Europeans, and children and women. She originally had the intention to become an actress but later realized that wasn't where her passion was and her brother would later go on to teach her about photography. In 1941, Frissell volunteered her photographic skills to the American Red Cross and later worked with the Eighth Army Air Force and would then become the photographer of the Women’s Army Corps. Due to this opportunity, she would go on to take numerous photographs of front-line soldiers, WAC’s, African-American airmen, and orphaned children. Her work is an inspiration to me because of the work she did with the Women’s Army Corps and the fact that she was such a powerhouse of a woman.


All work courteous of Margaret Bourke-White.

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