Lori Vrba is a recent inspiration within my work, but someone that deserves so much recognition. I recently had the chance to view her work in a group installation with Dawn Surratt, Sal Taylor Kyd, and Tobia Makover titled "Kindred". Most of Lori's work, and the work she had at the show, is centered around an aesthetic that is incredibly unique. Her photos all have a similar feeling of discomfort combined with utter purity at the same time. Her photos of children have the same glow to them as that of Sally Mann and there is such a beautiful tonal quality within every one of her photos. Her series involving nests, eggs, feathers, and other items related to birds has been a huge inspiration to my current self portrait series. Along with her portraits of children and bird-related metaphors, her ability to collect the tiniest of items and turn them into a masterpiece is quite unique. A lot of her work at "Kindred" included many trinkets and collectibles mashed together to create a sculptural piece or even a sculptural photograph. All of Lori's work makes me feel as I am walking through a vintage store full of the most story-filled treasures and brings forth an intense feeling of nostalgia and warmth.