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Helene Bertha Amalie “Leni” Riefenstahl (August 22, 1902 - September 8th, 2003) was a German producer, screenwriter, editor, actress, dancer, film director and photographer. Based on that list alone, you can see why I admire her. She truly did it all. Born in Germany and raised by her father Alfred, Leni was supposedly always up to something in the art field. She started writing poetry and painting at the age of four and later started a career in dancing and acting. She then started directing films in 1934. during World War 2, Riefenstahl was photographed wearing a military uniform with a pistol in her belt accompanying German soldiers. On the day that Pairs was declared an open city by the French, Leni sent a telegram to Hitler to express her joy of the event. She was later arrested and claimed to have been fascinated but eh Nazi’s but also admitted to being completely naive about all situations having to do with war crimes. She later went on to write books about her experiences in her younger life and association with Hitler and the Nazi’s. More information can be found in the video below. 


All work courteous of Leni Riefenstahl.

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