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Gertrude Käsebier (May 18th,1852 - October 12th, 1934) was an american photographer from Des Moines, Iowa known for her photographs of motherhood, her portraits of Native Americans, and her feminist outlook on women in the photo industry. Gertrude spent a large portion of her life photographing the Sioux tribe. Her photographs of these people would soon become her most famous and most recognizable work. I love Gertrude’s work for a few reasons. For one, she was a trailblazing woman in the world of photography. She was one of the first women to not only earn, but create a spot for herself at the “table of male photographers”. Her portraits of women and their children capture my heart in a way I can only hope to mimic one day. 


All work courteous of Gertrude Käsebier.

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