I have always had a fascination with twins. From wanting to be a twin myself as a kid, to now hoping I have twins one day. This fascination for twins is what first inspired this series. In Winter of 2018, I had the chance to photograph a set of twins that I have known since they were tiny babies in the NICU. When I got back to Savannah to continue this series for a class project, I shot with multiple sets of twins in this same way, but soon realized something was missing.
     The first set of twins I photographed from a insiders perspective were Ruby and Ava. At first, I was worried that the photos of them didn’t fit the rest of the photos I had already taken. I soon realized that it was the other photos that didn’t fit this set, rather than the other way around. The photos of Ruby and Ava finally brought forth the feeling I was searching for all along. The feeling of connection. It was never about them simply being twins. It was about the bond they share.  Whether they are identical or fraternal, twins share a connection that no one outside of the “twin world” can truly understand.
    After this realization, I re-photographed the twins I had previously shot with, plus some. The photos of the twins in their homes and backyards have so much more insight into their everyday lives and connections. From jumping on a trampoline to the rare, quiet moments between them, you are able to see each of their unique relationships. That is what this is about. Not the the physical similarities between each set of twins, but the very  different connections between each of them.
(ongoing project)