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Gay Block's work has quickly become a huge inspiration to me and my work. My favorite series of hers is titled "Camp Girls" and is all side by side images of young girls at camp next to portraits of them in adulthood. Not only did the concept of this series take my breath away, but the photos themselves are absolutely incredible. The first set on this page is definitely my favorite one. I love that you can read the camp's name on the young girl's shirt and then see what appears to be her child behind her in the photo of her during adulthood. The whole series is truly amazing and has inspired a few ideas of my own for a long-term documentary project. Another series I love of hers is the side by side photos of women with clothes on vs in the nude. I think this concept is pretty stellar because it says a lot about who women are and what is expected of them within society. The series is simply titled "Clothed and Nude" and aims to normalize nudity amongst women without over-sexualizing nudity. Her work is definitely going to have a strong influence on my future work.

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