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Eve Arnold was an American photojournalist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the youngest of nine children to Russian-Jewish parents. While working in New York City in 1946 at a photo finishing plant, she began to spark an interest in photography. Over a six week long period of time in 1948, she worked with Harper’s Bazaar art director at the New School in Manhattan. Eve Arnold photographed a ton of recognizable faces and very well-known people. Her most famous work is probably that of Marilyn Monroe although she also photographed Queen Elizabeth II, Malcolm X, Joan Crawford and Jackie Kennedy. Eve Arnold also traveled the world with her photography taking her to China, Russia, South Africa and Afghanistan. In 9180, she had her first solo exhibition which featured her work she produced while in China. In the same year she received an aware from the American Society of Magazine Photographers and was later made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. She later did a series of portraits of American First Ladies. i love her work, in particular, because it is just so iconic. Her photos of Marilyn Monroe are photos everyone knows and can recognize. Although I don't take pictures to get noticed, I find it extremely fascinating that her work is so iconic due to one person she happened to have the chance to take pictures of.


All work courteous of Eve Arnold.

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