I came across Douglas Beasley in the same way I found Evy Dean Huppert - the magical Facebook. Once again, through mutual friends, Douglas came up on my page. When I began looking through his work I truly fell in love. His ability to capture the female body with grace and respect through a male lens is something I really respect. Nude photos of women are often overdone and exploitive - especially when photographed by a man - but Douglas shatters that idea completely. His photos of women have a Francesca Woodman quality to them that I can only hope to mirror within my work. I have been looking at his work a lot recently to inspire new ways of photographing the female form in a way that not only incorporates nature into the body, but morphs the body into nature. Aside from his portraits of women, his landscapes also caught my eye due to their incredibly eerie feeling and discomforting (in the best way) composition. Douglas' work will definitely be something I look back at for inspiration often.