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Cindy Sherman, born January 19th, 1954, is an American photographer and film director. She is most widely recognized for her conceptual portraits. Her most famous series is titled, “Complete Untitled Film Stills”. This series was of 69 black and white photos that were used to disintegrate the stereotypes over women in media. Sherman is one of few artists I have on this list that use color and black and white equally within her work. Later in her work, she began focusing more on lighting of photographs and the faces of each individual person rather than concepts behind each series. Another recognizable series she is continuously working on is her self portraits. She tends to put herself in weird costumes and a range of makeup and hair accessories. Cindy is another jack of all trades on this list as she often holds the title of author, director, make-up artist, hairstylist, model, and photographer all at once.

All work courteous of Cindy Sherman.

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