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Christine Hall is a huge inspiration to me and my work. She graduated from SCAD with a degree in photography and now lives in Savannah and runs an independent photography business. Her work focuses on documenting her family and other families in the Savannah area. Most of her personal work is of her eldest daughter, Alexa, and her twin daughters Ruby and Ava. My favorite work of Christine's is definitely her documentation of life while raising a child with special needs. Ruby is non-verbal autistic and has cerebral palsy. Christine brings awareness to living with autism and the process a family goes through after diagnosis. I had the opportunity to photograph Ruby and Ava for my series on twins which led me to the opportunity to form a bond with Christine. After photographing Ruby and Ava, Christine showed me boxes and boxes of her old negatives during her time at SCAD and even brought me to her studio here in Savannah. Since then, she has become somewhat of a mentor to me and my work and has had an incredible influence on my photos. Through the photos of her daughters and the time I have spent with her, I have learned what it means to let your subjects create the photo, rather than staging every moment. Christine's work is truly breathtaking and my heart skips a beat every time I come across her work. 


© 2018 Robin Elise Maaya

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