WOW Tina Fiveash's work is stunning. Not only do I love her black and white photographs, but her color photos are also incredible. Her use of color is incredible and I'm in love with it. Her work focuses on documented the queer community, and boy oh boy does she do it well. A simple portrait of a woman laying in bed looking up at photos of naked women on her wall just says so much. Where most viewers are used to the stereotypical Playboy poster on a teenage boys wall, here is a woman in pinup attire breaking standards. It really just says so much about lesbians and women in general. Most of her work is about breaking stereotypes and even using them for humor. A lot of her work uses traditional expectations of women and men in society and then twists it into something funny and ironic. I'll definitely look at her work in the future when trying to find a happy medium between strong photographs and incredibly funny and ironic concepts.