Thank you, thank you, & thank you!

In the week since I have created my GoFundMe for my mission trip to South Africa, I have raised over $400!

Sevvy, Jess, Sandra, Jan, and Andrea, thank you for becoming a part of my journey and supporting this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Every bit that each of you have contributed is going towards something beautiful that will effect me and my career forever. Thank you for believing in me and for joining my journey!

Fun Zulu fact of the day: "Zulu is a fascinating language, but the word ‘Zulu’ translates, rather interestingly, to mean either ‘heaven’ or ‘weather’ in the Nguni languages."

"Indlela ibuza kwabaphambili."

-Zulu proverb meaning "The way forward is to ask from those who have gone before."

Eternal X's and O's,


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