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   Lancaster Blvd. in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is where my Mom grew up. Her parents, my Gram and Pop both lived in this house together from 1969 until December of 2017 when Pop passed away. Growing up, whenever my family would travel from south Florida to Mississippi, this is the house we would stay in. When I was in second grade and we moved from Florida to Mississippi, we even lived in this house for a while before our house was ready. I guess you could say that part of my life was spent growing up on Lancaster Blvd. as well. My sister and I used to spend the summers with my Gram and Pop in this house. We would go swimming at the YMCA and then get snowballs and come back to this house. The memories I have in this home vary in emotion, but the majority of what I feel is happiness and the deep feeling of nostalgia. When I go in Gram’s bathroom, all I can think of is how there used to be a yard stick under the light switch so I could reach it and turn it on. When I look at the linen closet at the end of the hallway, I think of my Aunt Vicki’s (Kiki) white and pink blanket that was hers as a kid that I was in love with growing up. When I walk into the back bedroom, I think of Gram’s dad, mine and my Mom’s Grandaddy, and how he lived with them when he got older, the handkerchief he gave me to keep, and the painting on the wall and the deer that is hidden within it. Even the sad memories have happy correlation because of the love that is forever circulating there. After Pop’s funeral, the whole family gathered in their living room and ate gumbo and potato salad much like any real southern family would. I have unending memories in this house that I am incredibly thankful for. A lot of my childhood revolved around traveling back and forth from Fort Lauderdale to Mississippi and seeing Gram and Pop. Although Pop is now gone, Gram still lives in this house today with her (Pop’s) dog, Schatzi, and is as sassy as she’s ever been. This past December, I stayed wth Gram for her birthday and Christmas eve/day. On the morning of her 84th birthday, I woke up and decided to grab my camera and document the things that make this home what it is that I know and love. Some things have changed since I was a kid, but a lot has stayed the same. Pop’s Air Force hats still hang in the doorway by the laundry room, the empty picture frames in the back bedroom behind the door are still there, and the fountain in the back yard is still there. I find comfort in knowing that that no matter how many people come and go, the memories will forever be attached to every inch of that home on Lancaster Boulevard.